Sophie Van Der Perre

flowwwI came across the work of Sophie Van Der Perre and thought it would be good to look at for this project. This image shows a woman laying in a bath sprinkled with flowers. The subject seems to be wearing a wedding dress. The image only shows below the shoulders to below the knees. This doesn’t show the identity of the person, which leads us to wonder why? The subject is laying in the a white dress which leads us to think about purity and marriage. But she is laying down as if she were in a coffin. This leads me to confusion. The flowers laid in the bath shows fertility and life, yet some are dead which has the opposite meaning. This photograph is filled with contradictions.

The reason I chose this image is because of the reason of it being in a bath. It being in a bath shows the washing away almost, a passing. The metaphor of the bath works well within this image. If this image was shot in another water setting like a river o sea with have a total different meaning. That is what I like about using the bath, it representation of washing something away. Looking at this has made me think about the meaning the bath holds and how I should consider that when creating ideas and work.


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